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Investing in commercial real estate in Anchorage Alaska

There are many benefits to be gained by investing in commercial real estate property in Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage is the most populated city in Alaska and contains more than 40% of the total population of the state, making it a specifically good area in which to invest in commercial property. Anchorage also has the honor of having been named an All-American City on four occasions, as well as having earned the title of the most tax-friendly city in the U.S., according to Kiplinger. The location of Anchorage, Alaska makes it an ideal location for refueling stops for many international passenger airline flights and the city also houses a major FedEx hub. All of these factors mean that Anchorage has a lot of people not only living there, but passing through, which is always good news for businesses.

Investing in commercial real estate in Anchorage typically tends to be more lucrative than investments made in residential properties in the area. This is due to several factors. It is easier for investors to secure a favorable financing rate when investing in a pre-existing commercial property. Buyers can often receive low interest rates when buying a commercial property in the area. Commercial real estate, unlike investments such as stocks or bonds, tends to retain its value or even appreciate in value because both the physical property and the building structures are considered to be “hard assets”.

Investing in commercial real estate in Anchorage Alaska

Commercial real estate properties offer good appreciation value and any improvements a tenant makes to their business can work to increase the overall value of the entire property. Commercial investments also offer buyers a shield when it comes to inflation, as prices tend to increase along with inflation. This acts as a buffer so that the property owner can keep up with inflation and not lose money on their commercial investment.

Choosing to invest in commercial real estate properties also offers the benefit of higher income potential over residential investments. This can prove especially true for properties in the area that yield higher rental rates or lease payments. Choosing the location in which you invest can make the difference in the amount of income you receive from the property over time.

With its high population and ability to attract tourists and visitors, Anchorage is an ideal location in which to invest in commercial properties. Where there are people, there is a need for offices, shopping, and dining establishments. Investing in the commercial side of Anchorage can be a benefit to the local economy as well as to the investor’s finances.



Commercial Real Estate Company Sells Warehouse on Lake Otis Parkway

Anchorage, Alaska (September 30, 2015) – Graham Commercial Real Estate and CEO Chad Graham has successfully sold a warehouse property located at Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage. The property has been on the market for over two years and has been previously listed by two different commercial real estate brokerages. After the property was handed over to Graham Commercial Real Estate, the company was able to put in under contract in just 39 days. The contract was closed 90 days later and the property was sold for $890,000.

Anchorage Commercial Real Estate Company Sells $1.9 Million Warehouse

Graham Commercial Real Estate, an Anchorage commercial real estate company, just sold an industrial warehouse located at Hartzell Road. The transaction was valued at $1.9 million.

Built in 1988, the property’s exact address is 8040 Hartzell Road, Anchorage, Alaska. It is composed of 12,000 square feet of the actual facility and 5,600 square feet that house the office building, all within 2 acres of land zoned I-1.

Graham Commercial Real Estate’s owner and CEO Chad Graham specializes in dealing with commercial properties like the one described above. He provides a wide range of services related to investment property in Anchorage, AK, like property management and many other core solutions.

Anchorage Commercial Real Estate Company: Now Is Opportune Time to Invest

Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants specialize in helping clients buy and sell commercial real estate, and is a prominent Anchorage property management company. We invite business leaders looking for expansion or relocation opportunities to invest in the city as it continues to grow and develop. The company especially notes Anchorage’s economy, which is flourishing thanks to local business confidence and infrastructure progress.

According to Alaska Dispatch, the city of Anchorage is currently enjoying one of its biggest growth surges because of huge capital budgets, a rising number of investors, and low unemployment rates. The increased economic activity is attracting more businesses and generating more jobs for residents, pushing the city to provide more business spaces to meet the rising demand.

Anchorage Property Management Company Records Highest Multifamily Deal

“Graham Commercial Real Estate also recently marked another milestone when they launched their website, which features a search engine for commercial real estate listings online. Potential buyers and investors can easily find what they’re looking for by using the site’s simple and comprehensive functions, which help them filter and narrow down their choices.

Besides providing property management and consultation services regarding commercial real estate in Anchorage, the company also offers the following: buyer/seller representation, operating and capital budget implementation, lease renewals and maintenance, and fixed asset management, among others.”