Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants in Anchorage Offers Retail Property for Lease

“Graham offers a lease term of 60 months to prospective tenants who will also shoulder the basic utilities like water, electricity, sewer, janitorial, and refuse expenses. Moreover, tenants are also obliged to pay a pro-rata share for HVAC maintenance and full responsibility for all repairs.

Led by seasoned real estate agent Chad Graham, the company assists commercial real estate buyers, sellers and renters through integrated, team-based solutions. Being a trusted property management company representing various types of commercial real estate in Anchorage, it employs world-class services, guided by its 8-step Graham Method. It involves initial consultations with the clients, internal team collaborations, market studies and client education, collaborations with the clients, and alignment of clients’ needs and expectations with existing market conditions. The method also includes development of a client and property-specific strategy, execution and monitoring of the said strategy, an


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